Dengue-yellow fever sera cross-reactivity; challenges for diagnosis

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Objective: The Flavivirus genera share epitopes inducing cross-reactive antibodies leading to great difficulty in differentially diagnosing flaviviral infections. This work was aimed at evaluating the complexity of dengue and yellow fever serological differential diagnosis. Material and methods: Dengue antibody capture ELISA and a yellow fever neutralisation test were carried out on 13 serum samples obtained from yellow fever patients, 20 acute serum samples from dengue patients and 19 voluntary serum samples pre- and post-vaccination with YF vaccine. Results: Dengue ELISA revealed IgM reactivity in 46,2 % of yellow fever patients and 42 % of vaccinees. Sixteen out of 20 dengue patients (80 %) had high YF virus neutralisation titres. Conclusions: Such very high cross-reactivity data challenged differential laboratory diagnosis of dengue and yellow fever in areas where both flaviviruses co-circulate. New laboratory strategies are thus needed for improving the tests and providing a specific laboratory diagnosis. Cross-reactivity between Flaviviruses represents a great difficulty for epidemiological surveillance and preventing dengue, both of  which demand urgent attention.


Natalia Houghton-Triviño, Diana Montaña, Jaime E. Castellanos

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Immunology and Microbiology

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Fecha de publicación 15 de mayo de 2008
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