Póster: Brooke Spiegler Syndrome: case report in Bogotá , Colombia

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The Brooke-Spiegler Syndrome is a rare genodermatosis of autosomal dominant inheritance. The disease is characterized by the occurrence of multiple skin appendage tumors, including cylindromas, trichoepitheliomas and spiradenomas, due to an alteration in the follicle-sebaceous-apocrine unit. This disease is caused by a mutation on the CYLD gene, located at chromosome 16q12-q13, involved in regulating the proliferation of skin appendages. We describe the case of a family with Brooke-Spiegler Syndrome confirmed by histology and genetic study.


Vanesa Giraldo
Sara Moncada
Adriana Motta
Mariam Rolon

Fecha de publicación 16 de marzo de 2012
Fecha de aceptación 16 de marzo de 2012
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