Ant-based routing for wireless multimedia sensor networks using multiple QoS metrics

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In wireless sensor networks, most routing protocols consider energy savings as the main objective and assume data traffic with unconstrained delivery requirements to be a given. However, the introduction of video and imaging sensors unveils additional challenges. The transmission of video and imaging data requires both energy efficiency and QoS assurance (end-to-end delay and packet loss requirements), in order to ensure the efficient use of sensor resources as well as the integrity of the information collected. This paper presents a QoS routing model for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSN). Moreover, based on the traditional ant-based algorithm, an ant-based multi-QoS routing metric (AntSensNet) is proposed. The AntSensNet protocol builds a hierarchical structure on the network before choosing suitable paths to meet various QoS requirements from different kinds of traffic, thus maximizing network utilization, while improving its performance. In addition, AntSensNet is able to use a efficient multi-path video packet scheduling in order to get minimum video distortion transmission. Finally, extensive simulations are conducted to assess the effectiveness of this novel solution and a detailed discussion regarding the effects of different system parameters is provided. Compared to typical routing algorithms in sensor networks and the traditional ant-based algorithm, this new algorithm has better convergence and provides significantly better QoS for multiple types of services in wireless multimedia sensor networks.


Luis Cobo, Alejandro Quintero, Samuel Pierre

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Computer Science

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Computer Networks and Communications

Fecha de publicación 03 de diciembre de 2010
Fecha de aceptación 20 de mayo de 2010
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Computer Networks

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