In vitro Reproducibility and Accuracy of ICDAS and FOTI Examinations of Dental Caries with Histological Validation. CORTO (RESUMEN)

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This study investigated the intra-examiner reproducibility and accuracy in detecting caries and estimating lesion depth of the ICDAS-system alone and also supplemented with Fibre Optic

Trans-Illumination (FOTI). Fifty-eight permanent teeth surfaces were visually assessed (KE) with the ICDAS codes 0–6 using a head-light, WHO-probe and three-in-one syringe. Same surfaces were examined by two examiners (RE, CL) using the ICDAS criteria

supplemented with FOTI (Microlux, AdDent, USA) and a consensus decision was recorded based on the following additional FOTI criteria: 0 = no shadow/stained area; 1 = thin-grey-shadow into enamel; 2 = wide-grey-shadow into enamel; 3 = microcavitation with wide-grey-shadow in enamel and no evidence of dentine shadow; 4 = orange/brown or bluish/black shadow ! 2 mm wide; 5 = orange/brown or bluish/black shadow 1 2 mm wide and/or trans-illumination light-blocked; 6 = large frank-cavita cavitation area with likely pulpal involvement; 9-thin stain preserving same width when transilluminated. A repeat examination of all teeth was conducted after 1 day. 220 m-thick sections were histologically assessed with a stereomicroscope at the lesion/scored area center for demineralisation (KE) as follows: 0 = no demineralisation; 1 = demineralisation limited to outer-enamel half; 2 = demineralisation involving inner-enamel half to outer-dentine 1/3; 3 = demineralisation involving middle-dentine 1/3; and 4 = demineralisation involving inner-dentine 1/3. ICDAS scores were distributed among the surfaces as follows: 0 = 10; 1 = 5; 2 = 9; 3 = 9; 4 = 7; 5 = 11; and 6 = 7. Intra-examiner agreement using weighted Kappa values for the ICDAS, FOTI and the histological assessments were 0.96; 0.88; 0.98, respectively. The association between

ICDAS and FOTI, ICDAS and Histology and FOTI and Histology, using a Spearman correlation coefficient were 0.95, 0.92 and 0.91. The intraclass correlation coefficients for the same comparisons were 0.95, 0.85 and 0.84 respectively. Both ICDAS and the FOTI scoring system had excellent intra-examiner reproducibility and were strongly associated with histological scores under in vitro conditions. Universidad El Bosque, Bogotá, Colombia has partially fundedthis study.


K.R. Ekstrand , S. Martignon , J. Gomez , C. Longbottom, R.P. Ellwood

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Fecha de publicación 27 de mayo de 2010
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Enlaces 57th Annual ORCA Congress
57th Annual ORCA Congress - Caries Res 2010; 44:171–247 DOI: 10.1159/000315447

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